'Minecraft' Used in Lithuanian Tesla Pitch

When you pitch Elon Musk's car company using Mojang's blocky builder, it notices

Gigafactory LT

Lithuania really wants to be home to Tesla's next lithium-ion battery factory, AKA a Gigafactory, and used a damn impressive Minecraft build to make its point. The time-lapse video of the build shows off some serious block skills, and sells Lithuania as a destination. Tesla noticed. 

The "Gigafactories" will create the battery packs for Tesla's electric cars and the first is outside Sparks, Nevada. It's expected to be at full capacity by 2018. Tesla founder Elon Musk has said that it would take 100 of the factories to make enough sustainable energy for the whole world. 

Mojang's Minecraft has been used for all kinds of purposes beyond play. It's been used for smart marketing, like when Warner Bros hired a company to build Minecraft versions of Gotham City and Metropolis, and for education. You can read more about those here.