Watch the 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Weapons and Skills Combat Trailer

The first in a series of deep-dive gameplay videos from Bioware ahead of the game's release

New gameplay trailer focuses on combat skills and weapons Bioware

Ahead of the game's March 21 release date, Bioware is steadily releasing a flow of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay videos illustrating different elements of the game and how it will play. Today's gives a little more detail on combat, with some detail on how they've made the running-and-shooting much faster thanks to a cool jump-jet, and how the cover system is better than in previous games because lets you duck behind just about anything.

The video also shows how different weapons employ different tech, and how you'll be free to use every gun and every skill. There are no class restrictions on weapons, skills or abilities – so you can choose to focus on basic combat expertise like weapons, gear and battle efficiency or tech skills that let your Pathfinder tool around with experimental weapons like a Cryo Beam or Flamethrower. If you're more interested in harnessing dark energy you can turn your attention to the Force-like Biotic skills that allow you to push and pull things across the battlefield or summon mini black holes. 

Honestly, it kinda looks like a mash-up of all the best bits from the first and third games in the trilogy. The zippy shooty stuff from Mass Effect 3, and all the freedom from the original.