'Little Nightmares' Launch Trailer has Serious Tim Burton Vibes

Meet Six and the other dark inhabitants of The Maw in Tarsier Studio's dark tale of childhood

Bandai Namco Entertainment America

If you like your games dark and creepy then good news, Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios will be released on April 28 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. As you can see from the launch trailer there's a real Tim Burton meets Coraline meets your worst ever bad dream thing going on.

In the game you play as the anorak wearing Six, who wants to escape the underwater world of The Maw. The developer calls the game a "dark exploration of childhood," so you might want to work out any existing issues with your therapist before diving in. 

"We’ve taken these primal elements of the childhood experience – things like loneliness, vulnerability, playfulness, adventure, fear, surreality – and twisted them, and distorted them, and amplified them until they felt fresh and surprising," says Tarsier Studios. "It’s an approach that has informed pretty much everything you see. The Maw, and everything inside it, has some connection to reality, and is all there to reflect this feeling of being a prisoner in someone else’s world."

In a stroke of creepy marketing genius there's also a video of how to bake your own Little Nightmares pastries – inspired by the cook – to enjoy