'Arms', 'Tekken 7', 'Morrowind' and More: What to Play in June 2017

PlayStation classics get remastered for PS4 and 'Morrowind' comes to 'The Elder Scrolls Online.' Plus: Nintendo comes out swinging with 'Arms'

Ever Oasis

The Switch may be dominating the bulk of the Nintendo news right now, especially with E3 approaching in mid-June – but the 3DS is still seeing some fantastic new titles, so don't lock it away in a cupboard just yet. Ever Oasis is a brand-new Nintendo-published original action RPG from Grezzo, a studio that has previously worked on multiple Zelda 3DS games, including the Ocarina and Majora remakes, Tri-Force Heroes, and the Four Swords Anniversary Edition. If you've been hunting for something with a whiff of Dark Cloud about it, with a mix of adventuring and village building, this might be the closest thing out there.

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