'Arms', 'Tekken 7', 'Morrowind' and More: What to Play in June 2017

PlayStation classics get remastered for PS4 and 'Morrowind' comes to 'The Elder Scrolls Online.' Plus: Nintendo comes out swinging with 'Arms'

Dirt 4

The latest edition of Codemasters' rallycross racing series that spun off from the old Colin McRae rally games after his death in 2007, Dirt 4 features five rallycross circuits: Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Great Britain, Höljesbanan in Sweden, Lånkebanen in Norway, the Circuit de Lohéac in France and the Pista Automóvel de Montalegre in Portugal. Cars are drawn from a wide variety of competition classes and time periods, including the insanely-mental Group B cars of the 1980s, Group A and Group N cars from the 1990s, and Group R cars from the 2010s. The game does not feature World Rally Cars or any elements associated with the World Rally Championship. Thanks to some back-end server cleverness the game supports cross-platform leaderboards, and if you're playing on PC you also get Steam Workshop support for custom car setups, just like 2015's Dirt Rally.

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