'Arms', 'Tekken 7', 'Morrowind' and More: What to Play in June 2017

PlayStation classics get remastered for PS4 and 'Morrowind' comes to 'The Elder Scrolls Online.' Plus: Nintendo comes out swinging with 'Arms'

Dead by Daylight

The asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game from Starbreeze has a lot in common with the recently released Friday the 13th game: a group of up to four survivors have to elude a player-controlled killer in a series of enclosed horror movie-style environments, like an abandoned junkyard, an asylum, a secluded forest, a creepy town. There are six different maps in all, and in each the killer takes on a persona appropriate to the environment – so, for example, they play a creepy nurse in the asylum. It was first released on PC around this time last year, and prompted lots of Twitch streams and YouTube videos with people screaming and shouting very loudly. Thanks to all this attention it sold over a million copies in its first two months, and has now sold 1.8 million copies on Steam. The console version released this month will no doubt see it popping back into the most popular list on Twitch again.

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