The Games We Can't Wait to Play Next

From the next 'Mass Effect' to a rebooted 'Resident Evil,' the first chunk of 2017 is looking anything but quiet

Team Ninja


Team Ninja has such a weird legacy. They’re responsible for some of the most iconic franchises of the last two generations, like Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive. But they're most recently known for cheesecake-laden Dead or Alive volleyball games. Nioh could be a return to form. Think of it as The Last Samurai meets Dark Souls. You control a Western warrior during Japan's tumultuous Sengoku period, slicing, cleaving, and bludgeoning your way through a veritable Monster Manual of mythological entities across the island. If you played the demo released last year, you'll know that it doesn't shy away from difficulty, which makes the Souls comparisons ring true, and is probably a relief for longtime Team Ninja fans put their Ninja Gaiden skills to use once more.

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