The Games We Can't Wait to Play Next

From the next 'Mass Effect' to a rebooted 'Resident Evil,' the first chunk of 2017 is looking anything but quiet

Square Enix

Nier Automata

Nier Automata is the sequel to 2010’s Nier, a cult post-apocalyptic JRPG that was – at the very least – unique. Developed by Platinum Games, the undisputed masters of virtuoso combo-based combat, Automata takes place after the first game in the midst of a war between the remnants of humanity and a monolithic, otherworldly machine army. True to Platinum's pedigree, early previews of the game evince deep, hypnotizing fighting, and an a whole lot of ways to customize your approach to killing. And then there's the android protagonist's getup. She's just way too fabulous for the blasted wasteland she's romping through.

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