The Games We Can't Wait to Play Next
The first chunk of 2017 will be jam-packed with blockbuster games. Glixel

As Holiday gifts start going stale, the world begins crawling back to digital stores and malls eager for something new and distracting. Game publishers know this well, and that's why we're seeing more and more titles released earlier each year. The opening months of 2017 seem almost abnormally stacked with great games that we can't wait to get our hands on, from blockbuster sequels like Resident Evil 7, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Mass Effect: Andromeda to curiosities like Double Dragon IV and Yakuza 0. We'll also see a proliferation of bold new franchises that show huge promise, like Sony's open-world sci-fi adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Ubisoft's brutal competitive brawler For Honor.

Here are a few of the games to keep an eye on as Winter turns to Spring.