The 25 Best Superhero Games of All Time

Once the refuge of the cheap cash-in, superhero games are now as varied and fun as the costumed characters they showcase

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Freedom Force Vs The 3rd Reich (2005)
Irrational Games17/25

17. Freedom Force Vs The 3rd Reich (2005)

The Freedom Force games were real-time tactical homages to old comics where the heroes were bold and so were the colors. In Freedom Force Vs The 3rd Reich time travel sent a team of heroes dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis back to the 1940s to fight the Nazis (as well as gorillas and robots, of course). It was gleeful old-fashioned nonsense, where every character had a simple hook and shouted dialogue, a parody so affectionate it made you love those old comics just as much as its creators obviously did.

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