The 25 Best Superhero Games of All Time

Once the refuge of the cheap cash-in, superhero games are now as varied and fun as the costumed characters they showcase

City of Heroes (2004)

5. City of Heroes (2004)

Some of the best superhero games let us play our favorite heroes, but part of the appeal of comics is the ideas they give us for our own heroes, scribbled in the margins of schoolbooks. City of Heroes let everyone make their own character with impressive tools that meant if you wanted to be a bear in a circus outfit named Insane Clown Fozzie you absolutely could. Then it set those characters loose online to run around the city together fighting crime. It had some of the issues all massively multiplayer games do (lack of depth and variety in missions), but managed to fix others elegantly – sidekick mechanics making it easy to work with players of different levels, and fluid traversal fixing the sluggish pace of travel in worlds designed for thousands.

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