The 25 Best Superhero Games of All Time

Once the refuge of the cheap cash-in, superhero games are now as varied and fun as the costumed characters they showcase

Appointment with FEAR (2014)
Steve Jackson / Tin Man Games22/25

22. Appointment with FEAR (2014)

A video game choose-your-own-adventure novel, Appointment With FEAR let you choose powers, garish costume, and a name from a randomized word salad like The Large Capybara or Everyday Bubblegum. Then it was off to save Titan City from FEAR, the Federation of Euro-American Rebels, with a Crimewatch and a disguise consisting of glasses and a hat placed jauntily over your costume. Multiple playthroughs were necessary to figure out what was really going on and prevent the Titanium Cyborg from destroying the city, which meant more opportunities to create characters like The Intermittent Clue or Excellent Rhinoceros.

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