'Overwatch' Character Power Rankings

Who's the the most overpowered? Who has the best cosplay? Who's the most shippable? We rate the 'Overwatch' cast.

Blizzard Entertainment12/23

12. Pharah

Pharah is near the bottom of most Overwatch tier lists, but this ranking isn’t limited to the whims of the pros. Blizzard set out to create a Quake-adjacent bombardier with a shoulder-mounted rocket salvo, and that’s absolutely what they did. There are offensive characters that are probably more effective than Pharah right now, but she’s still just as fun to play as ever. Also, Blizzard broke all of our hearts when they alluded to a romance between Genji and Mercy in leaked Valentine’s Day voicelines. Glixel is still advocating for the Pharmercy ship.

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