Nintendo Switch Games: the Good, the Bad, and the Weird

We played a bunch of the Switch's games. Here are the ones that stood out



Arms feels like the game we've all wanted since the Wii popularized motion controls back in 2006. There have been some bad Wiimote brawlers over the years – Red Steel in particular has aged even worse than you think. But Arms is the first time I've actually felt in control of my character without an analog stick. It's astoundingly simple: you tug the Joy-Cons to the left or right like a fighter pilot and tap a shoulder button to dash. You throw punches in the way you think you'd throw punches, you can charge up a meter for a special attack, and you can block and jump. It's basically a downtempo 3D fighter with more generous hitboxes. Nintendo is promising that Arms is deeper than it looks for those who dedicate the time, and the staffers on hand told me that each character could be tweaked by equipping alternate boxing gloves. That sounds interesting, but the few matches I played didn't make me feel like I was sitting on the precipice of, like, Virtua Fighter 5. Who knows whether we'll ever Arms on the Evo main stage, but it'll definitely be fun at parties.

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