Nintendo Switch Games: the Good, the Bad, and the Weird

We played a bunch of the Switch's games. Here are the ones that stood out


1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch is supposed to be the Switch's answer to Wii Sports. Unfortunately, Wii Sports had far more going on than what was on display at today's demo. That's saying something, considering you could play Wii Tennis blindfolded. The wild west-style cowboy duel served as the flashpoint of yesterday's announcement, and yeah, it's cool to quick-draw on your friends, but there's only so much fun in a split-second of interactivity. The other games were less impressive. I got to milk a cow, which was silly but straightforward, there was a samurai stunt mini-game that didn't seem to work correctly, and one where you hold the Joy-Con in your hand horizontally and rattle a couple of simulated ball bearings inside. If you guess the number of balls correctly, you win. As a tech demo, it's genuinely impressive, but again, you're literally just guessing the number of balls in a box. Wii Sports was free, and it whimsically delivered on a deep-seated fantasy. So far, 1-2 Switch feels like even less of a game, and it's certifiably not free.

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