Fall Video Game Preview 2016: What You Need to Play

From sci-fi shooters and sprawling, epic adventures to a brand new 'Pokémon'

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'NBA 2K17' (Xbox One, PS4 – September 20)

If you're a hoops head who also plays games, it's likely a moot point – you're going to cop NBA 2K17. Rest assured, though, that 2K doesn't seem to be mailing it in this year. Expect some pretty big gameplay changes, like refined shooting mechanics, a more precise and rewarding dribbling game, and a fatigue scheme that better simulates the ebb and flow of athletic performance over the course of a game. Also, for the first time in years, the 1992 USA Dream Team returns, including Jordan, Barkley, Bird, and even Coach K himself, Mike Krzyzewski.

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