Fall Video Game Preview 2016: What You Need to Play

From sci-fi shooters and sprawling, epic adventures to a brand new 'Pokémon'

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'Gears of War 4' (Xbox One, PC – October 11)

Back in 2014, Microsoft acquired the rights to the Xbox-exclusive Gears of War franchise from Epic Games, and promptly handed it over to a brand new studio that had yet to ship a game. Fortunately they also hired Rod Fergusson, who had served as executive producer on the previous Gears games to head up the studio and allay fans' justifiable fears. Confusingly the fifth game in the series, Gears of War 4 picks up the story 25 years after the apocalyptic destruction at the end of the third game, but thankfully doesn't mess with the winning formula. Fundamentally it's the same big, gory, dumb run and gun concept we've grown to love, only now it has a fresh cast of heroes, new body-snatching monsters, revised co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay and a new take on the popular five-vs-all Horde mode that has you mowing down wave after wave of bad guys.

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