'Bloodbowl' and Beyond: The Most Absurdly Violent Football Games of All Time

Six ultra-violent, post-apocalyptic reinterpretations of football with killer robots and exploding balls

'Mutant League Football' for Sega Genesis

Mutant League Football

In which Electronic Arts realized they still had the durable Madden '93 engine lying around, and decide to commit their talents to more than one football game every year. Mutant League Football for the Sega Genesis is ridiculous. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where radiation has mottled the human genome and the living dead are spurned from their graves. For some reason, in the midst of the total downfall of civilization, we’re still playing football. Teams of skeletons, trolls, robots, and aliens play on an angry gridiron littered with landmines and firepits. Jetpacks are involved. If you kill enough of your opponent’s players you can force a forfeit. It’s weirdly nihilistic. A reboot of the mercurial Genesis title is currently on Kickstarter, which is good, because we need more mutants in sports games.

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