'Bloodbowl' and Beyond: The Most Absurdly Violent Football Games of All Time

Six ultra-violent, post-apocalyptic reinterpretations of football with killer robots and exploding balls

The 'Grifball' game type in 'Halo', made by 'Red vs. Blue' creators Rooster Teeth


Okay, so this one is cheating a little bit. Grifball isn't its own standalone game, it’s a popular Halo multiplayer variant that adopts Bungie’s trademark floaty physics into one of the best fantasy football experiences ever. It was born out of a gag from Season 4 of the Halo-themed comedy Red vs Blue made at the expense of the character Captain Grif way back in 2005 – hence the name. In Halo 3, the community was given the power of the Forge, which empowered user created levels on consoles, and the Gravity Hammer – a giant bludgeon capable of smashing a Banshee out of the sky. At some point during that game’s lifecycle, a mad scientist thought of outfitting two teams with Gravity Hammers, setting the damage to 200 percent, and dramatically upping player speed. Put those two teams on either side of the wide-open Foundry map, drop a neutral ball in between them, and boom, that’s Grifball. A decade later, it's still one of our favorite ways to play Halo. Since it first showed up in Halo 3 it's now an official playlist in Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5: Guardians.

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