'Bloodbowl' and Beyond: The Most Absurdly Violent Football Games of All Time

Six ultra-violent, post-apocalyptic reinterpretations of football with killer robots and exploding balls

'Cyberball' by Atari for the Nintendo NES


Cyberball was an Atari-developed 7-on-7 football game that was released on every late-’80s platform known to man. The high scores and stripped-down mechanics set a precedent for arcade thrillers like NFL Blitz, but Cyberball also had one of the greatest gameplay gimmicks of all time. There were no first downs. Instead, the physical cyberball itself would explode the longer it took you to score – going from "cool," "warm," "hot," and finally "critical."

It’s 2017, why haven’t we integrated exploding footballs into the NFL?

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