Blizzcon 2016: What We Learned About 'Overwatch', 'Hearthstone' and More

No new games, but plenty to talk about as Blizzard draws fans to Anaheim

'World of Warcraft' Is Apparently Going to Space
'WoW' game director Ion Hazzikostas. Blizzard Entertainment5/6

'World of Warcraft' Is Apparently Going to Space

Blizzard doesn't often add big chunks of uncharted real estate to WoW outside of the retail add-ons that we pay money for, but that may be changing in an upcoming patch for Legion, its latest expansion. At the very end of the big WoW panel at Blizzcon, game director Ion Hazzikostas promised players the stars, quite literally: in a patch scheduled for the not-too-distant future, they'll be traveling to the planet Argus, the twisted home of the demonic invaders raining hell on Azeroth from ships that look like H.R. Giger's take on a Star Destroyer. It's all part of Blizzard's promise to deliver a "steady stream of content" throughout Legion's lifecycle, in part to remedy the long stretches of dead air that came to characterize Warlords of Draenor, the game's previous expansion. Hazzikostas laid out an ambitious outline during the panel, and Legion is off to strong start, so there's cause to be optimistic. Blizzard has expanded the landmass during an expansion midstream before, so let's hope the reality matches Legion's cosmic stakes.

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