Blizzcon 2016: What We Learned About 'Overwatch', 'Hearthstone' and More

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New 'Overwatch' Hero Sombra is Revealed, All the ARG Drama Is Forgiven
Sombra from 'Overwatch.' Blizzard Entertainment1/6

New 'Overwatch' Hero Sombra is Revealed, All the ARG Drama Is Forgiven

Perhaps the alternate reality game that Blizzard drew out like water torture over the last few months was worth it in the end, since it brought us Sombra, the latest addition to Overwatch's cosmopolitan (and rapidly ballooning) roster. Following her grand debut, all the ill-will toward the ARG has more or less evaporated. Blizzard has been outspoken about representing its entire fanbase with Overwatch, and Sombra – the first Latina to join the fray – is more evidence that they actually mean it. It's totally understandable if the first thought in your head when game developers vocally try their hand at diversity is "Please don't mess this up!" But the slick Mexican hacker (whose sparkling persona and fluent Spanglish is brought to life by Colombian actor Carolina Ravassa) feels 100 percent legit. Her suite of powers is designed to foil entrenched defenders, with impactful abilities that completely shut down her opponents. All in all, things look very good for her prospects in Overwatch's ultra-competitive metagame.