The Best Video Game Trailers of 2016

A robot with PTSD, a wide open galaxy and a flashmob in pursuit of Mario are just some of the highlights that made these teasers more than just ads

Super Mario Run "Live Action Trailer" Nintendo

Super Mario Run "Live Action Trailer"

The concept feels a lot like the Sony Bravia bouncing balls ad from 2004, where thousands of (real) multicolored rubber balls terrorized an otherwise normal San Francisco as they made their way along the streets. This time, it's people that are entranced, stopping what they're doing to follow – wide eyed and possessed of the insistent joy that's normally reserved for Coca Cola commercials – a pied-piper Mario as he runs to complete his IRL Super Mario Bros. course by making it to the flagpole. Somebody obviously reminded the agency that made it that they should probably have some people staring into their phones and losing their shit over the (never shown) game, so they stuck some of that on the end. Odd that they never show gameplay, as Super Mario Run is easily one of the best looking mobile games out there. The whole thing feels like a breakfast cereal ad – what with all the joggers and acrobatics – but it does beautifully capture that distinct Nintendo charm and toy-powered excitement, and the Mario render is good enough to make you believe a movie could totally work some day.

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