The Best Video Game Trailers of 2016

A robot with PTSD, a wide open galaxy and a flashmob in pursuit of Mario are just some of the highlights that made these teasers more than just ads

Overwatch "The Last Bastion" Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch "The Last Bastion"

The term "transmedia" should rightfully make you cringe, conjuring images of lazy tie-ins created to piggyback off the success of a blockbuster film, game, or show with the most minimal of effort. But with Overwatch, Blizzard has redeemed the tactic (if not the term) by eschewing a traditional single-player campaign and instead relying mainly on a series of animated shorts and digital comics to draw us into its world. And it's actually working. Case in point: "The Last Bastion," a short that peeks into the backstory of Overwatch's least expressive character – a "peacekeeping" robot who only emotes in beeps and squawks – and elicits genuine emotion. If you don't choke up at least once before the credits roll, we owe you 50 loot boxes.