The Best Video Game Trailers of 2016

A robot with PTSD, a wide open galaxy and a flashmob in pursuit of Mario are just some of the highlights that made these teasers more than just ads

Ghost Recon: Wildlands "Mission Briefing" Ubisoft

Ghost Recon: Wildlands "Mission Briefing"

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon games have always been ambitious and spectacular, but the studio's "Mission Briefing" trailer released in early December really gave a feel for the scope of the open world setting for this March 2017 release. Drug cartels, mercenaries, rebel forces, drones, car-chases, dune buggies, helicopters, speed boats, planes, trains, skydiving and big explosions. It all looks like the best bits of Just Cause 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, Grand Theft Auto V and the older Ghost Recon games all mashed together.

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