The 20 B-List 'Star Wars' Characters That Made Their Way Into Games

From 'TIE Fighter' to the upcoming 'Battlefront II,' not all recognizable 'Star Wars' game characters debuted in the movies

Ulic Qel-Droma

Ulic Qel-Droma

Even though he was a knight of the Old Republic who starred in Dark Horse's Tales of the Jedi comics throughout the mid-Nineties, Ulic Qel-Droma's only game appearance to date was as a Force ghost in The Clone Wars, a 2002 console game by Pandemic that had nothing to do with either similarly named animated series. Qel-Droma relayed some key information to Anakin Skywalker about the Dark Reaper (itself originating in Tales of the Jedi), along with the requisite "don't fall to the dark side" message. Something he could speak to from personal experience 4,000 years ago.

"We wanted to tap into the Expanded Universe characters and tie them to the prequel films," recalls Eric Gewirtz, who was Pandemic's lead designer and writer for the game. "Since Anakin was our main protagonist, the idea of an ancient Jedi ghost teaching him how to defeat the boss at the end seemed really cool. Also, we thought it was cool if it could contribute to his dark side corruption."

Though The Clone Wars marks Qel-Droma's only actual gaming appearance, all three games with "Old Republic" in the title mentioned him at some point (Tales of the Jedi inspired the idea behind Knights of the Old Republic to begin with), and Galaxies even featured a lightsaber crystal known as "Ulic's Redemption."

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