The 20 B-List 'Star Wars' Characters That Made Their Way Into Games

From 'TIE Fighter' to the upcoming 'Battlefront II,' not all recognizable 'Star Wars' game characters debuted in the movies

Gorax and Sanyassan Marauders

Gorax and Sanyassan Marauders

Saturday mornings weren't the only place to find original programming starring Ewoks in the mid-Eighties on ABC – they also had two of their own live-action movies for Galaxies to mine from.

Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (originally titled The Ewok Adventure) aired in November 1984 and featured a human family whose starcruiser crashed on Endor, with the parents abducted by a huge carnivorous creature known as the Gorax. Their kids and the Ewoks went on a quest to save them, ending with the Gorax falling to his doom down a chasm. All was well on Endor.

Until Ewoks: The Battle for Endor one year later, that is, when nearly everyone was ruthlessly murdered by Sanyassan Marauders. They were on Endor in Galaxies, too – even their leader, King Terak! 

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