The 20 B-List 'Star Wars' Characters That Made Their Way Into Games

From 'TIE Fighter' to the upcoming 'Battlefront II,' not all recognizable 'Star Wars' game characters debuted in the movies

Duloks and Hanadaks

Duloks and Hanadaks

When Sony Online Entertainment needed enemies on Endor for the first ever Star Wars Galaxies, it turned to a source rife with more insight on the forest moon than Return of the Jedi could have ever hoped to provide: ABC Saturday-morning television, where Ewoks ran for 35 episodes over the course of two seasons beginning in September 1985.

"Duloks, evil cousins to the Ewoks, first appeared in the cartoons," explains From Pencil to Pixel: The Art of Star Wars Galaxies (Duloks' first appearance was actually a children's book starring Teebo, but we'll let that slide). "The team translated these images into more fearsome concepts."

The show also inspired another creature for Galaxies. "The hanadak also appeared in cartoons and received a concept treatment before being built in the game," says the art book, which itself was only available in the Collector's Edition for Galaxies: An Empire Divided

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