The 20 B-List 'Star Wars' Characters That Made Their Way Into Games

From 'TIE Fighter' to the upcoming 'Battlefront II,' not all recognizable 'Star Wars' game characters debuted in the movies



The name Attichitcuk might not mean anything to you at first glance, but if you're a Star Wars fan who's been around the internet long enough, you probably know Chewbacca's father by his more common name: Itchy. Yes, the same Itchy who donned a VR headset handed to him by Art Carney to watch Diahann Carroll's odd display of titillation in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special of November 1978. (Can you say "Wookiee woody?")

Not without an amazing sense of humor, Ensemble Studios not only featured Attichitcuk in its real-type strategy game, Galactic Battlegrounds, it made finding him your first objective in the entire game. Sadly, Chewie's son Lumpy still awaits his day of gaming glory...

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