Atari's Forgotten Arcade Classics

As Atari turns 45 this month, a look at 10 of its little-known coin-op games from the early 1970s

Gran Trak 20

Gran Trak 20

Atari's first car racing game – and the first arcade car racing game in general – launched in early 1974 as Gran Trak 10, a single-player game with black and white graphics where the driver maneuvered a small car through an overhead view of a race track. The racing experience was significantly enhanced by the inclusion of a steering wheel, gear shift lever, and foot pedals on the cabinet. Later that year, Atari released a successful two-player version of the game called Gran Trak 20, seen here, which was a blast to play competitively in the arcade. Atari would later improve on this same overhead racing formula (through Kee Games) with, Indy 800, a monster-sized eight-player racing game with a true color display.

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