8 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Show Your Friends

It's still early days for this exciting tech, but there are already some mind-blowing experiences

'VR Worlds'

Think of VR Worlds as the PSVR's tasting menu: short experiences to help you adapt to that shiny new headset you just unboxed. The best ones harness your most primal instincts, like, "Oh my god! I don't want to be eaten!" (Ocean Descent); "Oh shit, I’m going too fast down this hill!” (VR Luge, which is like a nightmare in which you’re tied to a skateboard); and “Oh my god, I must win at everything, including aggressive head Pong!" (Danger Ball). The London Heist is VR gunplay as directed by Guy Ritchie and Scavenger's Odyssey is a shoot-and-steer space adventure. Both feel less immediate because they're designed around more complicated gameplay, but still serve as a strong hint at what VR can offer beyond jump scares and stomach lurches.

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