8 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Show Your Friends

It's still early days for this exciting tech, but there are already some mind-blowing experiences

'Driveclub VR'

If we had to bet on it, we'd put money on PSVR being the curveball that caused Gran Turismo – Sony and Polyphony Digital’s obsessively-detailed love letter to real world motorsports – to be delayed yet again. Driveclub VR's unpolished (but nevertheless effective) effort only makes that prospect even more tantalizing.

The effect takes hold before you even start your engines, with a walk-around of your ride that allows for close examination of every detail, down to the fancy stitching on the leather. Once you’re on the grid, you can spend another few moments taking in the cockpit, peering over the side of the more kart-like cars, adjusting your seat height and getting comfy. The driving feel is spot-on (but then it’s spot-on in the non-VR Driveclub, so no surprises there). If the stated goal of any VR experience is immersion, then Driveclub VR delivers convincingly. Where it falters is exactly where you would imagine it to, given the limitations of the PS4, which struggled to power the original game’s stunning visuals. Sony’s console strains under the demands of VR, dropping the image quality so much that the sunset and dusk tracks are almost unplayable. Put your virtual pedal down on the daylight courses, though, and it all comes together – the handling, the sense of speed and that feeling that you’re only a half turn of the wheel away from crashing out.

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