8 PlayStation VR Games You'll Want to Show Your Friends

It's still early days for this exciting tech, but there are already some mind-blowing experiences

'Batman Arkham VR'

It takes less than 30 seconds of standing in Batman's boots in Arkham VR to convince you that this is the kind of thing that virtual reality was made for. The magic is evident even before the game properly begins, as you're perched on a rooftop taking in the Gotham skyline. It's enough to convince even the most fervid skeptic to admit that yeah, this VR thing is pretty cool. The Arkham series of action games on which it's based are a potent mix of combat, exploration and investigation, but Arkham VR forgoes the first two completely, squarely focusing on Batman's reputation as the world's greatest detective. While that might sound more yawn-inducing than thrilling, the gadget-focused investigative gameplay lends itself to an intriguing and surprisingly scary series of VR puzzles that have you waving your scanner over things to find hidden clues, reaching into the environment to examine objects and flinging Batarangs to trigger switches. At $20, it may seem pricey for something that's only about an hour long, but if you're looking for a glimpse of VR's potential, this delivers.