Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo) and Mark Woodbury (Universal Creative) share early insights on the collaboration between Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts Nintendo

Theme parks are home to many things: college students trapped in giant mascot costumes, food and rides that'll do a number on your stomach, and lines as far as the eye can see. Now that Nintendo has signed a deal with Universal Parks & Resorts, they'll also be home to Goombas, Dodongs, and Rattatas. 

The two companies announced today that Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort, and Universal Studios Japan. There's no set date on when the the Mushroom Kingdom (or Hyrule, or wherever Kid Icarus is set) will invade our world, but Nintendo and Universal studios are promising "expansive, immersive, and interactive" experiences, full of shops, restaurants and attractions that'll have guests feeling "as if they are playing inside their favorite games."

Sounds like it might take a while. In the meantime, here's a list of potential attractions entirely of our own speculation.