7 Things You Need to Know from the PlayStation E3 Showcase

From new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' DLC to Insomniac's spectacular 'Spider-Man' and a stunning glimpse of 'God of War'


Sony's headliner this year was Spider-Man – the next IP for Insomniac after ditching The Resistance, Fuse, and Sunset Overdrive. We saw about 10 minutes of gameplay. Young Peter Parker whipped his way around a construction site and engaged in some very Batman: Arkham Asylum-looking combat with a group of hapless thugs. The free-swing looked great – Insomniac's Manhattan is both clean and optimistic – and anyone who sunk a ton of time into Treyarch's fabulous Spider-Man 2 knows how hypnotic that can be. The most exciting moment for the super-fans came at the end, with a Miles Morales cameo. 

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