7 Things You Need to Know from the PlayStation E3 Showcase

From new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' DLC to Insomniac's spectacular 'Spider-Man' and a stunning glimpse of 'God of War'

God of War

God of War still feels decidedly different from the David Jaffe-led games of the PS2 and PS3 era. Kratos is now old and grizzled, he guards a wayward, mysterious son in the frozen north, and a debauched menage-a-trois would feel decidedly out of place. The trailer at the press conference flexed SIE's writerly auteurship – more Last of Us than Duke Nukem – which is a necessary but dangerous rebranding for one of the most gleefully excessive video game franchises of all time. In the combat, however, you swing a giant battle-axe and chain bloody combos. It's still God of War, after all.

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