7 Things You Need to Know from the PlayStation E3 Showcase

From new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' DLC to Insomniac's spectacular 'Spider-Man' and a stunning glimpse of 'God of War'

Detroit: Become Human

There's no doubt that Quantic Dream are the strangest video game studio to routinely earn premium E3 press conference real estate year after year. Detroit: Become Human was one of the longest showcases of the night. You're the leader a rebellion of androids fighting for equal legal representation in the near future. In typical Quantic Dream fashion, you'll make a series of frenetic, high-impact moral choices to carve out your personal fable. Will you chuck the molotov through the police window? Or will you simply engage in transhuman civil disobedience? The trailer was well-performed, and hopefully that translates over the requisite 10 hours. 

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