7 Things You Need to Know from the PlayStation E3 Showcase

From new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' DLC to Insomniac's spectacular 'Spider-Man' and a stunning glimpse of 'God of War'

Days Gone

Days Gone was introduced at last year's E3 as a grim open-world zombie survival game in line with DayZ and State of Decay. SIE Bend Studio returned this year with… well, more of that. A meaty ne'er-do-well in a motorcycle jacket navigates a rain-slicked forest before dispatching a few other angry survivors with a pistol, a punch, and a well-placed bear trap. The gameplay itself looks similar to other stealthy, scrappy third-person action games (Metal Gear Solid V, Uncharted 4 and even Horizon Zero Dawn) but unlike those games the gameplay we saw ended with two dudes staring down a zombified bear. That counts for something. 

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