7 Things You Need to Know from the PlayStation E3 Showcase

From new 'Horizon Zero Dawn' DLC to Insomniac's spectacular 'Spider-Man' and a stunning glimpse of 'God of War'

Call of Duty: World War II

We've officially lived through the cycle. World War II shooters got stale, Modern Warfare changed the game, the mechanics were taken to their logical endpoint in Infinite Warfare, and the franchise rises from the ashes as Call of Duty: World War II. The trailer at Sony's press conference presented itself as faithfully as possible. No left hooks, no moral ambiguity, just a bunch of honest Nazi shooting and the blues. It's the sort of thing that would've thrilled 2003, repackaged with high-fidelity shaders and (we assume) customizable killstreaks. I can't wait for 2025, when the modern military shooter feels fresh again. 

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