7 of the Best 'Dota 2' Matches Ever Played

Prepare for the Kiev Major this weekend with our rundown of some of the best 'Dota 2' games of all time

Navi vs Alliance

Ask any fan of Dota 2 what the greatest game ever played is, and they'll probably point to this one. The ace match of the grand finals of what was then the biggest tournament ever, Alliance vs. Natus Vincere was set to be an instant classic even if it didn't turn out to be a showcase of both teams' strategic genius. But Alliance vs Na`Vi (as the team is known to most Dota 2 fans) has it all – multiple lead changes, iconic individual plays, massive team fights, and a nail-biting finish. Grand finals at The International tend to be duds, but this series, and this game especially, is a happy exception.

By my own reckoning, though, the game is also significant because it marks the end of an era in Dota 2, a tipping point between the comparatively modest esports scene of the early 2010s and the stadium era that began in earnest in 2014. For The International 4, Valve abandoned the intimate Benaroya Hall for cavernous KeyArena. For longtime fans of Dota 2, Na`Vi vs Alliance sits on the precipice from Dota 2's humble origins and the massively popular esport it would soon become.

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