7 of the Best 'Dota 2' Matches Ever Played

Prepare for the Kiev Major this weekend with our rundown of some of the best 'Dota 2' games of all time

Evil Geniuses vs. Team DK

Though the term "pocket strat" is often pulled out to describe any tactic that's even a little out of the ordinary, Evil Geniuses reminds us that true pocket strategies exist and can undo even the most dedicated rosters. At The International 4, Evil Geniuses – then regarded as a top team, but not quite as immortal as it now is – matched up against Team DK, the multinational super team composed of the best players from all of Asia on each in-game role. In a tournament of great games, this one stands out thanks to Evil Geniuses' unmatched capacity for innovation and tenacity.

The draft starts normally, but then Evil Geniuses pick an unorthodox combination of Ursa and Enchantress as supports. Though the casters offer some weak rationales for the pair's possible utility, it's not until Zai and PPD exploit the interplay between the two heroes' skillsets that their purpose becomes clear. The Ursa-Enchantress pocket strategy is enough to make the game memorable, but it's the rest of the game's 60 minute running time that makes it great. Novel though it is, Evil Geniuses' pocket strat puts them at an economy disadvantage early and they find themselves having to weather Team DK's constant aggression until the game tips back into their favor.

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