7 of the Best 'Dota 2' Matches Ever Played

Prepare for the Kiev Major this weekend with our rundown of some of the best 'Dota 2' games of all time

Evil Geniuses vs. EHOME

One of the rarest events in Dota 2 is a comeback against "mega creeps," the game-ending flood of hostile AI-controlled minions raised against a team that loses all its barracks. Fighting back against against mega creeps is almost always fruitless, as the defending team slowly gives up ground to wave after wave of supercharged assailants. In 25,000 games of professional Dota 2, only 33 have ended with a comeback vs. mega creeps, and, until The International 6, none of these took place at a Valve sponsored event.

But merely beating back the tide of megacreeps wasn't enough for Evil Geniuses, whose tenacity is only outmatched by its creativity. Faced with certain defeat against a terrifying Chinese juggernaut, Evil Geniuses began massing Dagons, purchaseable items which deliver a single-target burst of magical damage, on all its heroes, a strategy typically used to torment defeated opponents in low skill public games. But, somehow, in the hands of Evil Geniuses, it turns into a game-winning tactic, deleting EHOME's heroes from the map just long enough for Evil Geniuses to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.