7 of the Best 'Dota 2' Matches Ever Played

Prepare for the Kiev Major this weekend with our rundown of some of the best 'Dota 2' games of all time

Cloud9 vs. SFZ

Not all memorable games are great, and no "memorable" is worse than Cloud9 vs. SFZ in the online qualifiers for StarLadder Season XIII. Under the leadership of the Canadian wildcard Jacky "EternalEnVy" Mao, Cloud9's Dota 2 team had a real knack for getting itself into absurd situations that are equally likely to lead to improbable victories or perplexing losses. And no game ever played by Cloud9 was more absurd than its clash against ScareyFaceZ, a nearly unknown team whose only enduring relevance is having participated in this match, the longest in professional Dota 2 history.

At three hours and 21 minutes, I cannot in good faith recommend watching the whole thing (seriously, please do not watch the whole game). But Cloud9 vs. SFZ is a great example of the madness that transpires at the outer limits of Dota 2's ruleset, where the carefully curated system of interlocking strategies that govern most games breaks down entirely. It's not often where you get a game where a frustrated player says "I'm out of ideas" in all chat, but here we are. Cloud9 is a SFZ where so much goes "wrong" with Dota 2 that it reminds us how much typical games quietly get "right."

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