7 New Indie Games You Should Play Right Now

From 'Oxygen Not Included' and 'Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator' to a 'Monument Valley' sequel. The rising stars you shouldn't overlook

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

It's not often that you'll see a title that's just so… direct. Suffice it to say that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is about one thing – simulating the largest battles you've ever seen. You can pack your ranks with Orcs and goblins or Chuck Norris. The infamous Roman Centurions or waddling little penguins. The bouts are completely ridiculous and can have tens of thousands of soldiers. And it is difficult to stress just how varied your options are – you can pit packs of chickens against zombies in the wild west, if you like.

If you're looking for any sort of features or structure or purpose beyond large environments and the ability to watch multiple large groups of just about anything animatedly fight to the death, though, you won't find it here. Still, the game's rocketed to popularity thanks, in large part, to YouTubers like Jacksepticeye who mine the game for laughs. If that's your jam, there's nothing quite like this. And, clearly, there's plenty of demand. Since its launch last month, Developer Brilliant Game Studios has sold more than 150,000 copies, easily putting it among the best-selling independent games on Steam.

If you'd like to kill Nazis with zombies en masse, you can grab UEBS for $15.99 on Steam.

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