7 New Indie Games You Should Play Right Now

E3, the biggest annual showcase event for video games kicks off next week, and that means that we'll get a dozens of new, blockbuster game announcements. Chances are that most won't be released for a couple years and it's possible that some may evolve and adapt, or possibly never see the light of day. But you don't have to wait to play new, imaginative and unique games from talented creatives. The recent explosion of smaller, independent developers has left us with plenty of great things to play right now.

Hundreds of new titles are launched on the iOS and Android App stores every week, and Steam's been so inundated with new releases that almost 40% of every game on the platform – which has been around since 2003 – came out during 2016. It's impossible to keep up with anything that moves so quickly. There are flashes of brilliance released frequently, but they're often buried under some questionable garbage.

Not to worry though, we've picked out some of our recent favorites that are worth playing today.