6 Things We Want from 'Star Wars Battlefront 2'

How this year's sequel could learn from contemporary shooters, and bring us the 'Star Wars' shooter we crave

The Glorious Return of Hero Assault
The glorious return of Hero Assault has the potential to be a 'Star Wars' style 'Overwatch' with lightsabers Star Wars/Disney XD2/6

The Glorious Return of Hero Assault

When the, ahem, first Pandemic-developed Battlefront 2 dropped way back in 2005, Hero Assault was a favorite mode for many. It let you get right to the juicy core of the game by playing the entire match as Darth Vader or Han Solo or any number of badasses straight from the silver screen. It was a goofy, insane, ridiculously fun side affair that stole the spotlight from the core game modes. 2015's Battlefront experimented with something similar for its Heroes vs Villains mode, but it was far from the hero shooter precursor of 12 years ago.

Resurrecting a full-on Hero Assault game mode in Battlefront 2 has enormous potential, especially with a broader palette of heroes to draw from across multiple eras. A new Hero Assault could feature a huge cast of characters, and a tight four-on-four arena mode that focuses on team composition and abilities could help distinguish Battlefront 2 as something far more than a reskinned Battlefield game, and instead push it into Overwatch territory. From here there's potential to push the game into numerous new directions including hero-based co-op PvE much like the latest Uprising event for Overwatch

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