6 Things We Want from 'Star Wars Battlefront 2'

How this year's sequel could learn from contemporary shooters, and bring us the 'Star Wars' shooter we crave

More Depth, More Options, Moddable Weapons
The guns are cool, but let us mod them like we can in so many other shooters EA DICE4/6

More Depth, More Options, Moddable Weapons

The first game was extremely streamlined, and seemed aimed squarely at more casual players or an audience that was mainly comprised of Star Wars fans first, gamers second. The next game needs to throw some bones to the hardcore audience, and a great step in that direction would be to add some progression systems, some RPG-lite elements that make you feel like you’re building a character and unlocking meaningful gear as you play.

The potential for custom weapon mods for your favorite Star Wars blasters is enormous, and could build on systems that DICE has already explored in the Battlefield games. While some additional skin unlocks might be fun, a real coup would be a more complex loot system that feeds a variety of systems that interlock in interesting ways and engender some kind of strategy when you’re building out a character, through skills, abilities, and gear. 

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