50 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century

From a blocky hero beloved by millions to the most memorable monsters and heroes modern games have to offer

Oscar, Knight of Astora

28. Oscar, Knight of Astora

Oscar was the knight who rescued us from our jail in the Undead Asylum by dropping a corpse with a key down into our cell, setting the tone for Dark Souls from its beginning. True to that morbid tone when we saw him next he was dying, urging us to flee before he turned Hollow and attacked us. Dark Souls is a dark game, and Oscar's quick transformation from benefactor to doomed victim to enemy sums it up.

Iconic Moment: Oscar sits in a pile of rubble, preparing himself for death. "I'm done for, I'm afraid. I'll die soon, then lose my sanity." What a cheerful guy.

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