50 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century

From a blocky hero beloved by millions to the most memorable monsters and heroes modern games have to offer

Jaina Proudmoore
Jaina Proudmoore from 'Warcraft 3' and 'Hearthstone'10/50

10. Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina has had quite the run across many of Blizzard's biggest games. Beginning life in a supporting role in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (she was future Lich King Arthas' love interest before he he dove into the dark side), it didn't take long before Azeroth's rising star afforded her bigger opportunities. She matured into a battle-hardened Alliance general in World of Warcraft, and today embodies the classic frost mage archetype in Heroes of the Storm, where she remains a consistently strong pick in the game's competitive scene. Her real star turn, though, came in Hearthstone. If you spend any time playing with a mage deck, chances are you're well acquainted with the mightiest wizard in Azeroth.

Iconic Moment: She's no doubt one of the most pivotal characters in Warcraft lore, but let's be honest: smart money is that you know her best as the mage archetype in Hearthstone. How many times can you spam "My magic will tear you apart!" before your opponent mutes you?

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