50 Most Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century

From a blocky hero beloved by millions to the most memorable monsters and heroes modern games have to offer

HK-47 from 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic'31/50

31. HK-47

HK-47 is the finest murder-droid you could ever hope to meet. He was programmed by a Sith Lord, and is responsible for taking uncountable numbers of lives. Due to various memory wipes, he can’t remember all he’s done in the years he’s spent killing "meatbags" (what he calls organic life), but what’s consistent is his unwavering delight in the job. That's what makes him an invaluable asset to your party. It’s a good thing he’s hopelessly obedient to his master, even if his programming can’t save you from his constant torrent of sarcasm.

Iconic moment: His desperation as he tries to convince you to buy him when you first meet is palpable. Anything to avoid translating for a mere moisture farmer.

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